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My name is Reza Ghassemi.  I am an Electrical Engineer from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I split my professional time between my job as a modeling & simulation engineer at BAE Systems and my hobbies: writing music, biking, hacking my AppleTV and, recently, trying to learn iPhone programming.




What I Do    

I split my project time between projects relating to music and ones relating to Digital Signal Processing.  Mercifully, there is a good deal of overlap.  

On the music side, I currently I provide several libraries of content for the Apple iPod.  These include libraries for guitarist and pianists consisting of pre-recorded scales, chord, tunings, etc. I also write my own music which is available on this website.

On the signal processing side, I write software for the Matlab programming environment, the TMS320 DSP processor.  I also write software in C, C#, PHP, Java, Python, XML, HTML, and TCL/TK languages.



Contact Information

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